The Brave Survivor - Aromalief Customer Spotlight

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The Brave Survivor - Aromalief Customer Spotlight

Aromalief Customers are truly special and this kicks off a series of Customer Spotlights that shares with the rest of our community the stories that inspire us to continue our journey of helping women in pain. In our very first Spotlight, we want to introduce you to Terri R. from Great Bend, KS. Terri is a strong and brave woman that faced cancer and is a survivor. The chemotherapy that helped to save her life had the unwanted side effect of causing her to suffer from neuropathy in her feet. This is an intense pain caused by nerve damage due to the chemotherapy. 

About a year ago, Terri was scrolling through Facebook when she saw an Aromalief ad and she was intrigued to try it. She had tried many other creams, but nothing ever worked right for her. Even though she had tried other products, she decided to not give up and tried it. So often people are disappointed and give up, but not this survivor. She was willing to keep trying. 

What does she love about Aromalief? “I love everything about it. It smells great, it’s smooth and best of all it works.”, says Terri. 

Terri is a customer on subscription and her favorite scent is Lavender, even though she has tried and uses the other scents too. She explains that her husband and her could not stand the odor of other creams that smell like medicine. For some people, the smell really isolates them because they don’t want others to also be around that smell. 

After her chemotherapy, Terri needed neck surgery for a cervical fusion. She also uses Aromalief around the area of the surgery to help with the pain and itch. And her husband now uses the creams too for shoulder pain. She also shared Aromalief with her sister Brenda. 

Terri has a positive outlook on life despite cancer, neuropathy, and neck surgery. We are inspired by her strength and her love for animals. Terri and her husband have 3 dogs Jaxx, Blue, Emmy and 2 cats Calie and Mimie. She loves spending time with them and we are sure they keep her very busy. 

We want to thank Terri for sharing her story with us and giving strength to others in our community to not give up. 


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