Our Story

Hi, I'm Annabel! Welcome to Aromalief, a brand dedicated to helping women like you to beat pain. I started Aromalief in 2018 to help my mom that was in pain. After wasting money on several products, I decided that my mom deserved better.

With the help of a naturopathic chemist, we developed formulas that are clean, easy to apply, and smell like rich essential oils. The experience of using Aromalief is like applying a luxurious body cream and not your grandfather's pain releiver.

Thousands of women across the US love and trust Aromalief and I am so proud of all the people that work at our small business (including my mom).

- Annabel founder/daughter/mom

Our Values

We believe in helping women with chronic pain to find real relief without side effects. We do this by having unique formulas and products that are innovative and have cleaner ingredients. We invest in quality and testing, because your well-being is our #1 priority.


Our creams are made with the highest quality vegan ingredients that are clean and free from harsh chemicals. Every ingredient had to be good enough for my mom.


Our products are FDA registered and tested for your safety. We also proudly make our products in the USA.


We formulate and design the best products to help people in pain. From slow release cooling crystals to patent pending devices.

Our Community Support

Organization support

Aromalief is proud to support CancerxRelief and breastcancer.org to help women.

Aromalief Community

Veronika is one of our customers, and she lost everything in a tornado. She reached out to us and we were able to support her with product.

End Animal Testing

As a company we decided not to do any testing on animals. We use vegan ingredients and support NAVS to help end animal testing.

Free returns

Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

Worldwide shipping

Ship anywhere, rates available at checkout.

24/7 support

Call us anytime at 1(800) 555-1234.