FSA Eligible Pain Relief Cream Aromalief

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FSA Eligible Pain Relief Cream Aromalief

We have some great news for those that love Aromalief Vegan Hemp Pain Relief Creams and are enrolled in the FSA Program. You can now pay for Pain Relief products on our website with your FSA credit cards. 

What is FSA?

FSA stands for Flexible Spending Accounts and this is money that is taken from your paycheck pre-tax to buy items designated by the IRS. This is available when you have healthcare through a job. 

How do I know if my employer has an FSA program?

The best way to know is to ask your Human Resources person or your manager to find out if your employer offers this type of program. 

What can I pay for with an FSA card?

The IRS allows you to pay for “qualifying medical expenses” with this card. This includes medical deductibles, co-payments, certain drugs, and certain healthcare costs. Recently, items like OTC medicines and menstrual products have also been included in this list. 

Products on our sites can now be purchased with your FSA card except for Gift Cards.

How can I use my FSA card on aromalief.com?

If your FSA card has been declined in the past on aromalief.com, that is because we were recently approved by our credit card provider to accept FSA cards. To use your FSA card to buy Aromalief Pain Relief Creams, simply enter your FSA information at checkout like you would any other credit card. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to us info@aromalief.com for us to help. 

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