How to relieve chemotherapy pain

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One of the most common questions we get asked is if Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream can help to relieve chemotherapy pain. There are many reasons why cancer patients experience pain and there are also several types of pain. In this blog post we will discuss chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy pain or CIPN. Why CIPN? Because we have several customers that have told us how much relief they have gotten from Aromalief. 

It’s bad enough that your body is going through something as difficult as battling cancer and unfortunately, 1.8 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. A common side effect to chemotherapy is CIPN.

Why does CIPN occur?

Chemotherapy is a highly effective way to treat cancer. It helps to eliminate cancer cells and stop them dividing to form more cancer cells. However, through this process, chemotherapy also attacks healthy cells in the body. These healthy cells can include those related to your nervous system. When these cells and structures are attacked the body can experience significant amounts of pain. Often the pain is concentrated in the hands and feet. For some people CIPN  ends when their treatment ends, but for others that experience permanent nerve damage, the pain can last for longer. 

Always let your oncologist know right away that you are experiencing pain and try to write down the type of pain you are experiencing. Is the pain dull or sharp? Where are you experiencing the pain? What time of day? And for how long? In a scale of 1-10 how much pain? By keeping a good record, you can help your doctor with a treatment plan. Earlier treatment can increase your chances of reducing nerve damage. 


  • Tingling (“pins and needles”)
  • Pain, which may be severe and constant, may come and go, or may feel like burning
  • Decreased sensation (“legs feel like jelly”)
  • Increased sensitivity to touch, temperature, pressure, pain
  • Muscle weakness
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What types of pain relief help with CIPN?

Over the Counter Pain Relievers

One of the most common ways to get CIPN relief is through over the counter pain medication. These include aspirin, acetaminophen, and others. Over time these types of medications can upset your stomach, so you want to be careful with how many you are taking and how often. 

Lidocaine Patches

These are topical patches that are applied to a specific area of the body. Lidocaine is a topical analgesic that numbs the area to provide relief. These patches are available by prescription at 5% and you have to find out if your insurance covers it. You can also buy over the counter patches that are 4% lidocaine. If you buy the cream version of lidocaine, you may be confused to find 5% lidocaine cream over the counter. The FDA has only approved 5% over the counter creams for anal application only. For the purposes of CIPN it is best to use a topical pain relieving version at the maximum 4%. You can try Workvie Lidocaine Pain Relieving Roll On that has Lidocaine 4%, Menthol, and Arnica that covers larger areas much easier. The formula is also dye free and paraben free and suitable for sensitive skin since it contains aloe vera and sweet almond oil. 

Pain Relief Creams

Not all pain relief creams are created equal. Using a cream that combines anti-inflammatory ingredients with numbing can be beneficial for deeper pain relief. A cream like Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream has the added benefit of smelling like lavender to also provide calmness which may be helpful during your treatment. Ingredients like vegan Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and L-arginine come together to help you feel better. Massage them gently on your hands, feet, and any other area where you may feel pain. 

Other Pain Relief

These can include prescription medication such as opioids, cortisone injections, and spinal taps among others. 

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This pain tracking sheet is a simple to use form that you can print several copies and put them in a binder. You can fill it out throughout the day or every night with a warm cup of tea. Writing things down can also help to get them out of our mind.

This guide contains what we believe are essential tips to to live your best life with the help of nature. This includes: Foods, aromatherapy, meditation, routines, sleep, exercise, self care, and more. We made this guide with the hope that it will give you a starting place and push you towards living a more balanced and overall healthier life!

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