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What makes Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream so special? Other than the fact that it has brought real pain relief to thousands of customers of course. We think that it has to do with the rich and strong scents that help to calm the mind, energize you for the day, or just soothe your spirit. We have gotten so many positive comments about the way our Aromalief creams smell that we continue to experiment with new scents. However, we have also gotten comments from people that are sensitive to scents and wanted to know if we had an unscented version. We got so many emails and social media posts that we could no longer see how we could help them too.

Lavender Pain Relief Cream 4oz

NEW Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream Mild Scent

We are super happy to announce that we have a new Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream Mild Scent!!!! This has all the same pain relieving ingredients as the traditional formula except that the lavender scent is much milder. It is still vegan, paraben & dye free, and cruelty free. 

Why is the new Aromalief pain reliever Mild Scent not completely Unscented? 

There is really no such thing as unscented. Most products that are “unscented” have other scents in it to neutralize all the different organic smells that come from the various ingredients. Our cream has a very gentle touch of lavender essential oil to be pleasant to the smell. 

Unique Mild Scent

In addition to lavender essential oil, this formula also contains Bergamot, Eucalyptus, and Geranium. It is not your typical lavender smell. It is a careful blend that neutralizes the overall scent of the cream to get as unscented as possible, without losing what makes Aromalief so special which is the combination of anti-inflammatories with aromatherapy even for those sensitive to scents. 

What are customers saying?

The vote is divided into 3 groups for people that have used the original lavender scent. Some people don’t mind the scent either way because they are all about pain relief. Others are really loving the mild scent option to share with their spouses that thought the original version was too girly (which we totally get because we make our cream primarily for women) . The biggest group is the one that wouldn’t change their scented version at all!

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