Pain Relief App You Need, Seriously!

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The Only Pain Relief App You Need, Seriously!

Having to work and live with pain can really suck. There are days when I wake up and I have  that little stabbing feeling in my lower back that used to really scare me. This meant that my herniated discs would act up. Now, I know how to handle that and I want to share with you an app that has really helped me. Really?

Yes, there is a pain relief app that can help you!!! 


I was at a conference for Corporate wellness (in addition to being the founder of Workvie®, I am also a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist). There was a presentation on how workers are falling apart from sitting too long, standing too long, driving too long, pretty much anything that you do too much. That’s when the presenter mentioned JointStrong®.


What is JointStrong???

It is an app that helps you to determine your type of pain based on a series of very thoughtful questions. After you answer the questions and do the physical assessments on your phone, it gives you some moves that you can do at home, all by yourself to help you feel better.

The app was created by a group of doctors in the US based on analysis of thousands of patients. They took all this data and formed a board to peer review the information and the recommended assessment and moves.

IT’S FREE!!!!! — Click Here for More Info

Free JointStrong App for Pain Relief

For my lower back pain, I do the cobra move 10 times while lying on my stomach and it has helped tremendously. First, I apply the Workvie Pain Relief Cream and on days where the pain is stronger, I layer on the Workvie Vegan Lidocaine Roll On. The I lay on my exercise mat and do the move. I feel better right away and it lasts throughout the day.


Workvie Lidocaine Roll On



I hope you check out this app and let us know how it goes in the comments. It is truly the only app you need for pain relief. Workvie is not affiliated with Joint Strong, but I just love how much they have helped me and thought I would share this app for pain relief with you.


Annabel Mendez is a corporate wellness specialist and founder of Workvie Work Pain Relief Creams. She is dedicated to helping hardworking professionals that work in pain. She is a mom, entrepreneur, and chronic pain warrior.

Workvie Pain Relief Set


This blog is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. Please consult a licensed physician for any medically related issues.


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