What is L-arginine for?

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In this blog post we will share what L-arginine is for. There are so many supplements out there that it can be quite confusing to know what they are. Some like glucosamine are better known, but others like L-arginine there is a lot less information about them. This is especially true when it comes to L-arginine in a pain relief cream form. 

L-arginine is essential during times of stress for repair, skin protection, and boosting the immune system.  Here’s how it works to bring your body into optimal wellness. 


What is L-arginine?


L-arginine is a common chemical building block known as an amino acid.  It is often found in beauty products, health supplements, medication (especially after surgery), and body care products.  L-arginine is found naturally in meat, dairy, fish, seeds, seaweed, and nuts.


L-arginine is a precursor for the natural, critical enzymes Nitric Oxide, Agmatine, and Creatine.  These natural enzymes service the body as circulation enhancers, chemical messengers, aiding cellular respiration, and removing toxins from the body.  L-arginine’s most important role is being converted in the body into a chemical called Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessels allowing them to open wider for optimal circulation.


What is L-arginine Used for?


Improves blood flow: 

By improving circulation and blood flow (through the activation of Nitric Oxide), L-arginine is able to ease many different ailments.  Commonly used after surgery, for heart conditions, and peripheral arterial disease, L-arginine helps blood flow easily to the areas where you need it most.  


This increased blood flow can help relieve muscle cramping, weakness due to poor circulation and even benefit those with heart conditions and chest pain.  For the average person, L-arginine can help with pain in the joints or healing of injuries.  Increasing the circulation to injured areas aids the body’s natural ability to heal. 

This boost in circulation is also a great bonus for glowing skin!  Optimal blood flow reduces inflammation, promotes elasticity, and protects the body from free radicals, meaning more radiant skin for you. Which is why high end beauty creams use L-arginine. 

Enhanced Athletic performance:

There is evidence that L-arginine may improve athletic performance by helping people exercise longer.  L-arginine may increase the time a person can exercise before becoming tired as well as help the lungs work more efficiently. 

Pain Relief: 

Research has shown that regular use of L-Arginine as an analgesic positively provides pain relief.  The study looked at 12 patients with various kinds of pain.  Half of the group received L-Arginine and the other placebo group received saline solution.  Those receiving L-Arginine experienced analgesic effects within 30 minutes of application.  The pain-relieving effects lasted 6-24 hours. 

Increasing Skin Vitality:

In beauty products, L-arginine is used to protect the skin from free radicals, boost collagen production, and increase hydration in the skin.  That means glowing, silky, elastic, healthy skin!

 L-arginine acts as a humectant, meaning it attracts and retains moisture.  This may help the skin’s natural moisturizing and moisture-retaining abilities (known as NMF or Natural Moisturizing Factor) work better.

 Often used in anti-aging products, L-arginine is known to promote collagen production.  Advanced collagen production also increases wound healing.

L-arginine is also thought to boost hair growth and build strong fingernails.


Other Benefits:

L-Arginine is a healthy immune system supplement, promote weight loss, and may shorten recovery time after surgery.  It is also known to aid detoxification, be useful in pregnant women with preeclampsia, and as a cure for erectile dysfunction.  It is commonly used among bodybuilders to build lean muscle mass.


How to Incorporate L-arginine in Your Wellness Routine:

We all want support for feeling our best.  Whether that means boosting your circulation, enhancing athletic performance, healing injuries (or natural wear and tear), or having elastic, soft skin, L-arginine can help.


Nutritional sources of L-arginine include eating a well-balanced diet of “chicken, turkey, lean cuts of beef, lobster, shrimp, or for vegans soybeans, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, lentils, spinach or seaweed” suggests verywell.com


We include L-arginine in our Aromalief Vegan Pain Relief Cream for easy use and easy absorption.  Rub the cream anywhere on the body in order to experience the benefits of L-arginine.  Because body care products are absorbed into our skin, they also go into our bloodstream, bringing the ingredients to our entire body.  Combined with other anti-inflammatory and collagen-producing ingredients like glucosamine, hemp, and chondroitin, Aromalief Vegan Pain Relief Cream is made to support your body so that you can continue to move in the way that you love and live your life pain-free!

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