Top 4 Mistakes When Using a Pain Relief Cream

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Top 4 Mistakes When Using a Pain Relief Cream

Chances are that you are using a topical pain relief cream as part of your pain management efforts. After talking to hundreds of Aromalief customers, we have found 4 mistakes when using a pain relief cream. Making these easy changes can really help you to get the most out of your pain relief lotion. 

Mistake #1 Not applying the cream at discomfort

If you suffer from chronic pain, you are all too familiar with those early signs that pain may be coming in. You may be feeling discomfort like a cramp, a twitch, some tenderness. Most of us tend to ignore these early signs and go about our business. However, you should be reaching for your cream at the first sign of discomfort. This allows the brain to receive the signal that muscles are being soothed and nerves are being calmed. In turn, the body relaxes and allows it’s healing process to begin before things get worse.

Mistake #2 Not covering enough area with your pain relieving cream

If you have pain in your hands, shouldn’t you just apply the cream in your hands? Wrong. What about sciatic nerve pain and just applying it on your leg? Wrong again. The body is an interconnected system of muscles, nerves, and bones. You want to make sure that you apply your topical pain relief cream to the affected area, but also go beyond that area because chances are that your pain may be felt in a specific spot, but the source of the pain is a different area. If your hand is in pain, apply the cream from the shoulder, down the elbow, and wrist. For sciatica apply the cream from the lower back, to the buttocks, to the IT band on the side of your thigh. 



Mistake #3 Not massaging the cream into the body

Our customers love Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Creams because they usually help with the pain on contact. This is great, but you might get even more relief if you use massage techniques to get the blood flowing, stimulating the nerves, and relaxing tense muscles. Aromalief lotions are smooth and easy to spread over your body. Spread over the area, and gently massage them in to get maximum relief.

Mistake #4 Not applying the pain relief lotion at least twice a day

Putting on a pain relief lotion is not something fun, especially if the cream smells horrible. It is hard to be around others when you smell like medicine. This is one of the reasons why we use odorless menthol crystals to provide long lasting relief that doesn’t overpower the wonderful aromas of the essential oils in Aromalief. When you wake up in the morning, your body has been in a motionless state and they might be stiff. This stiffness leads to pain and nobody wants to start the day this way. By applying a cream like the Aromalief Vegan Pain Relief Cream in Orange Ginger, you will get the body going and start your day with a smile. 

As the day goes on, your body begins to tense up again, it becomes exhausted and if you were standing or working all day, then the pain may return. It is important that you go to bed fully relaxed to allow the body to recover while you sleep. You may want to use a cream like the Aromalief Calming Lavender Pain Relief Cream to help you sleep without pain. 

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