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The holidays are here and this is just such a wonderful time of the year. Regardless of what is happening in the world, we can still choose to stay positive and share the best of us with family and friends even if not in person. This year’s list of stocking stuffer gifts for pain relief brings a little bit of joy, a dash of humor, and a lot of relief for those of us that suffer from chronic pain. I hope you find a little something for you or a loved one.

Orange Ginger Pain Relief Cream 4oz

Workvie Finger Massager with Magnetic Ball $10.00

If you have never tried a finger massager, then you are missing out on the best mini massage for your hands, palms, fingers, forearms, neck, and other areas of your body. This little tool really gets into those small muscles that other types of massagers cannot get to. You can apply some Aromalief cream and then put your fingers between the little rollers and move it back and forth. You can squeeze the handle to create more pressure. The magnetic roller ball can be used for the forearms, neck, and even the bottom of your feet. 

Gaiam Lower Back Lavender Wrap $19.95

 Gaiam Lavender Heat Wrap for Lower Back Pain

This wrap is so comforting and can be used all over the body. I warm it up for 1 minute 15 seconds, but this can vary by microwave (Follow Safety Instructions). My favorite thing about this wrap is how it has a lavender scent that lasts for at least 2 years. That’s how long I have owned mine and I use it monthly when I overstrain my lower back. I first apply Aromalief and wait a few minutes, then I put on the wrap over my clothes and sometimes I fall asleep like this. 


VoVii Cat Socks Women $12.99

Cat Socks on Amazon


If you love cats, you will love these super cute socks with messages on the sole. During the cold months it is important to keep your feet nice and warm especially if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy. You can massage your feet with Aromalief and then apply the socks. After a long day, place pillows under your calves to raise them and improve circulation to your feet and this is where the messages on the bottoms of your socks come in handy. 

Travel Size Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Cream $20.00



For those that have tried our full size version of Aromalief, you already know how soothing the cream is. Now you can share it with others or buy it for your purse in 2oz. Aromalief Vegan Hemp Pain Relief Cream in 2oz Travel Size is available in Spearmint and Orange Ginger and it can be a lifesaver when you are out of the house and need that relief. Aromalief is the only cream in the world to have shellfish-free vegetable glucosamine, algae-extracted chondroitin, and slow release menthol crystals to help reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility, and provide a long lasting cooling effect. The creams are luxuriously scented and are smooth like a body cream. 

Tea Forte Presentation Box in Warming Joy $30.00

Tea Forte Ginger Tea Box

This beautiful box of tea is so pretty and delicious, plus the teas have ginger and other ingredients known to be anti-inflammatory. A warm drink will help bring joy to heart and help you relax. Sometimes our body feels worse because of all the tension that we carry. While drinking your tea play your favorite song, watch a movie that makes you happy, call up an old friend and just let go. When we are in a state of relaxation the body releases chemicals that also help with pain relief.

I hope that you were able to find something that you love to keep or gift!

Aromalief is the #1 Vegan Hemp Pain Relief Cream for Women with Chronic Pain. 



This pain tracking sheet is a simple to use form that you can print several copies and put them in a binder. You can fill it out throughout the day or every night with a warm cup of tea. Writing things down can also help to get them out of our mind.

This guide contains what we believe are essential tips to to live your best life with the help of nature. This includes: Foods, aromatherapy, meditation, routines, sleep, exercise, self care, and more. We made this guide with the hope that it will give you a starting place and push you towards living a more balanced and overall healthier life!

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