Easy and Simple Fibromyalgia Exercises

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Fibromyalgia is a condition where you feel like you, most of the time, do not want to leave your house, or even your bed. This disease can possibly make you feel that going outside and doing normal stuff is hard work.

One of the things that helps when you have fibromyalgia is exercise. Exercise provides the same health advantages for those with fibromyalgia as it does for everyone else — plus more. Regular exercise reduces weariness and boosts energy levels. It promotes sleep and mood while making joints more flexible. People with fibromyalgia can have a fuller life by exercising. 

If you’re living with a chronic condition like fibromyalgia, even a small amount of physical activity — 60 minutes per week — can have significant health benefits.


We created a list of  Easy and Simple Fibromyalgia Exercises for you.


1. Walking

Walking as an Exercise for Fibromyalgia

Walking is clearly the easiest way to move your body. Walk to the fridge to drink water, to the bathroom to take a bath, or if you feel a little better, go walk outside to breathe some fresh air. No pressure, you can just keep walking and go home when you feel tired. 

There's no need to break a sweat. You just have to move and get your blood flowing. You can start by walking 5 minutes a day and add a minute each day if you can. 

Remember, rest or stop when you must. 


2. Swimming

Swimming as an Exercise for Fibromyalgia

According to one study, aerobics were shown to be one of the most beneficial exercises, even in those with severe fibromyalgia. A good place to start your exercise program is with a low-impact cardiovascular exercise such as swimming. It's a good non-weight-bearing alternative if walking creates too much pressure on your muscles or joints. 

You can do some dips in the nearest swimming pool or at the beach. Take this time to get some sunlight on your skin and feel the sand on your feet. You know how being in the water or hearing the sound of the waves can sometimes magically ease your mind off the things that you’re dealing with and relaxes you to your core. Plus, you get instant Vitamin D, just don’t forget to you put your favorite sunscreen.


3. Biking

 Biking as an Exercise for Fibromyalgia

Biking is easily one of the a simple and fun ways to get your body moving.  Aside from swimming, biking is also a good non-weight-bearing low-impact cardiovascular exercise. 

It pumps up your heart and lungs and helps you achieve a healthier state of mind. We recommend starting off with a stationary bike which you can put at home. Once you feel like you're ready, you can start biking outside. Just make sure to adjust the seat height according to what's most comfortable for you! 


4. Yoga

Yoga as an an Exercise for Fibromyalgia

Gentle stretching, mind-body awareness, and a calm and steady approach to physical wellness are just some of the amazing things yoga offers. 

This study found that yoga might reduce self-perceived disability and help with many fibromyalgia symptoms, including depression and fear or avoidance of movement.

The study included eight participants with fibromyalgia, all of whom were women. 

Find a good spot at home where you can pose, take deep breaths, and exhale all your worries away. This way, you can do relax and exercise without moving places to places and just focus on your mindful being.


Just a disclaimer, your doctor may suggest specific workouts to help you relieve discomfort or gain strength. You may also need to avoid some exercises completely or during flare-ups, depending on your specific condition. Before beginning a type of exercise, it is still best to consult with your doctor first.

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