Aromalief Customer Spotlight Dremma H.

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Aromalief Customer Spotlight Dremma H. 

Aromalief Customers are truly special to us and why we are sharing this series of Customer Spotlights that shares with the rest of our community the stories that inspire us to continue our journey of helping women in pain. In our second Spotlight, we want to introduce you to Dremma H. from Lone Oak, TX. 

Dremma is a loving grandmother that also happens to suffer from arthritis pain. Spending time with her grandson is something that she really enjoys. Dremma’s favorite movie is The Redemption, which she can watch over and over again. She also enjoys listening to country and pop music. 

About a year ago, Dremma was scrolling online and it’s when she saw a pop up for our Aromalief pain relief cream. She decided to give our product a try and she explained how happy she was to have given our product a chance. Just like others she had tried many other creams, but they just didn’t work for her. We understand how difficult it can be to trust and give other products a try when you can’t find the right one. We are so glad she didn’t give up and gave us a try. 

What does she love about Aromalief? “It smells great, it’s smooth and soothing to me”, says Dremma. 

Dremma is a customer on subscription and her favorite scent is Lavender. She explains that she uses the cream during the day but loves how at night time is the perfect time for her. It helps with the pain and the lavender helps her sleep better. She is so happy with the product that she recommends it to others. 

 Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about the product or business? 

“Aromalief is an amazing company, great customer service and always makes sure I get my product”, says Dremma.

We want to thank Dremma for sharing her story with us and giving strength to others in our community. 

Aromalief Hemp Pain Relief Creams were created by a female chemist for the pain relief needs of women. The creams work, smell great, and go on silky smooth.


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